Imam 'Ali ibn Musa Ar-Ridha (peace be with him)

Name: 'Ali ibn Musa

Titles: Ar-Ridha

Kuniya: Abul Hasan

Birthdate: Thursday, 11th Zilqad, 148 A.H. (765). in Madina

Father: Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (peace be upon him), 7th Holy Imam

Mother: Ummul Baneen Najma

Attaining of the position of Imam: At the age of thirty-five years, and he held that divine position for about twenty years.

Died: (Martyred)

Date: Tuesday, 17th Safar, 203 A.H. (818).

Place: Mashhad, Iran

Age: 55 years

Cause: Poisoned by Mamoon, the 'Abbaside caliph

Buried: Mashhad, Iran. The holy city of Mashhad is famous as "the City of Pilgrims" because every year more than twenty millions followers and lovers of sacred household of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.) visit the holy city to perform the pilgrimage (Ziyarah) of the Imam Ridha (A.S.), the eighth Shi'ite Imam. The holy shrine of Imam Ridha (A.S.) in Mashhad in one of the most extensively visited pilgrimage centers in the world. Once a small village called Sanabad transformed into a flourishing great metropolis called as Mashhad ar-Ridha (tomb sanctuary of Imam Ridha (A.S.),) also briefly called Mashhad. Mashhad literally means a place where a martyr has been buried.