In praise of the Imams (A.S.)

My heart is fine and bright with the love of Haydar
Next to Haydar, al-Hasan is our Guide and Leader.
The dust beneath the Shoes of al-Husain
is the eyeliner (surmah) for my eyes.
al-Abideen, the ornament of all devotees
is like a crown on my head.
al-Baqir is the light of both my eyes.
The religion of Ja'far is true and the path of Musa is right.
O, loyal, ones: listen to me praising the King of Kings (al-Ridha)
who is buried in Khurasan.
A particle from the dust of his tomb is the cure of all pains
Leader of men of faith is al-Taqi, O dear Muslims
If you love al-Naqi in preference to all other people,
you have done the thing which is proper and right.
al-Askari is the light of the eyes of both Adam and the world.
Where can be found, in the world,
such a chief in command like al-Mahdi?