Imám Hasan (A) and his slave

Imám Hasan (A) was once sitting for dinner when his slave slipped and dropped some hot soup on the Imám (A), scalding him. The fearful slave immediately recited the verse 3:134.

(The pious people) control their anger

The Imám (A) smiled and said, "I am not angry". The slave then continued to recite the same áyat:

And pardon men

The Imám (A) said, "I have forgiven you". The slave then recited the last part of the áyat:

And Alláh loves those who do good (to others). (Áli Imrán, 3:134)

The Imám (A) then set the slave free and also gave him 1000 Dinárs.

This incident shows how an ordinary person with the help of the Holy Qur’án, obtained his freedom. It is also important to note how knowledgeable the slave had become, staying in the company of the Imám (A).