7- Is it wajib/mustahab/mubbah/makrouh/haram to curse the enemies of Ahlul Bayt (S)?


The befriending and loving of the Holy Prophet (saw) and His Progeny (as) is one of the fundamentals of our belief and is also emphasised in the Holy Qoran and Tradition.

Regarding love for the Family of the Holy Prophet (saw) it is sufficient that the Qoran mentions it as the reward of the Prophetic mission.

Allah (swt) states:

" Say: I do not ask of you any reward (for it) but love for my near relatives." [Shura:23].

Love and honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and His Family (as) has not only been mentioned in the Holy Qoran, but has also been emphasized in narrations of the Holy Prophet (saw).

An example of this is a tradition narrated by a Sunni Scholar,

The Holy Prophet (saw) stated: " A person does not believe until I am more beloved to him/her than their ownself and My Progeny is more beloved to him/her than his/her own progeny.

`[ Virtues of Amir al-Momineen. by Hafiz Mohammad ibn Solayman al-koufi p. 619,700].

Therefore it is necessary for all Muslims to distance themselves from the enemies of the Holy Prophet (saw) and His Offspring (as).