My respectful condolence to the dearest sister of Husayn

My tearful home, to the wife of Abdulla Tayyar, O' Zaynab

Never was a woman, subjected to such sorrow and pain,

As the daughter of Ali and Fatima, O' Zaynab!


Aun and Muhammad, two unblossomed flowers of youth

Ali Akbar, was no less dear, than your own sons O' Zaynab

You sacrificed them all, at the altar of truth,

So that, Islam may be rid of the Satan's hold, O' Zaynab!


The tortures you bore; the insults you faced,

Would have torn asunder any heart, O' Zaynab

You did not flinch, even in grace,

To the worst of ignominies and cruelties, O' Zaynab!

Your unique faith in God; your invaluable support,

Enabled Husayn to sacrifice his all, O' Zaynab

Between brother and sister, never was such a rapport

Your indomitable will, sustained his mission, O' Zaynab!


Your heroic efforts, saved his sacrifices from going in vain

Your courage, saved his lineage from extinction, O' Zaynab

You presented the issues involved, in the sacrifices of Husayn

Most eloquently, and in proper perspective, O' Zaynab!


Your virtues are endless, as eternity, and so, till then,

You will be mourned and gratefully remembered, O' Zaynab

Pray to God, to grant my wish to serve Husayn

And you, my lady, in this world, and the next, O' Zaynab!