God chose the Hashemites, a tribe of Quraish

They were among men, the noblest of race

He raised among them, a self-literate boy

To deliver His message; to bring them joy.


Muhammad was his name, whom God had chose

Al-Amin (the truthful) called him his foes

The keeper of KAABA, was his grand sire

A rank than which, there was none higher.


Adam, Nooh, Ibrahim, Ismail, Moosa,

Daa-ood, Eesa and other Prophets of Allah

Testified that, from time immemorial, Muhammad Mustafa,

Had been proclaimed the seal of Prophets of Allah


He lost his sire, ere he was born

Five years later, his mother was gone

Abd-al-Motalib was his grand sire,

Two years later, he too expired.


The orphan boy was now his uncle's charge

Abu Talib was glad, this responsibility, to discharge

He looked after the boy as his own son

So long he lived, dared touch him none.


He was of a reserved bent of mind

With burning desire, solace he tried to find

In the marvels of nature and forms diverse

He tried to fathom the mysteries of universe.


At twenty-five, he married a noble widow;

Khadija had watched him by a cloud over-shadow

Though forty, she remained in her lifetime, his only wife

Twenty-five years long was their married life.


One daughter they had, named Lady Fatima

Through her were born guardians of KALIMA

She was married to Ali, Abu Talib's son

He was renowned in courage like a lion.


In the House of God was Ali born

It's walls the idols then adorned

They were a hapless witness to his birth

A man who would soon smash them to earth.


These gods of Arabs could find no way

Powerless were they, while Ali in cradle lay

This mortal foe of theirs, was something divine

His luster made their eyes turn blind.


On Muhammad, he first cast his eyes

He was destined with him all his ties

He sucked his tongue, in solemn gait

In one mould they were cast by fate.


Ali grew in the Prophet's care

His joys and sorrows, he shared

He imbibed qualities that are rare

With him, he made a heavenly pair.


Thus Imamat was born as adjunct to Nubuwat

Beyond scope of political intrigues and Satan

Twelve successors were named, by Divine Grace

To guide, for all times, the human race.