Accept all physical pressure and pain
always on our true faith we steadfastly remain

Battle begun unjustly by oppressors
brave Husain till the end tried to guide aggressors

Combine with words, when necessary, more swords
consolidate speech, if it fails, with spears against stubborn warlords

Differentiate, by trial, true faithful from false claimants
devilish lovers of worldly pleasures rejected as remnants

Expose true identity of governing tyrant
evil Umayyad family who ruled as if invincible giant

Face bravely and fight fiercely transgressors
fondly taught Islam's Prophet to Husain, the True Successor

Gandhi and other freedom fighters won independence
greatly inspired by Husain's unforgettable resistance

Honour, self-respect, self-determination
husain's call to humanity till world's termination

Invite, instruct, instill in all mankind godly values
indeed such were Islam, Prophet's(s) and his family's views

Job in life is to perform God-given task
judge results by Godly standards, questions don't ask.

Keep your debt-book clean owe nothing from anyone
king of martyrs refused to meet His Lord having hurt someone

Ladies in captivity bravely spread Karbala's message
lightning and thunderous words hastened tyrants downward passage

Martydom preferable to life of humiliation under evil-doers
military might never frightens brave good-doers

Never despair in struggle against falsehood by small quantity
numbers matter less with sterling quality

Objectives of uprising declared publicly at all stages
opportunities utilized maximally for sacred rage

Perseverance on truth till the last breath
persistant refusal to surrender evil till death

Unending support to Godly Leader's advice
untiring struggle against ungodly army's stance.

Victory of holy blood over blade of sword
vanquishing might with right, brawn with brain, sword with word

Warriors of truth participated from all ages, race, class & sanctuaries
winners in war, those whose message alive over centuries

Xtra power & position corrupt ungodly human
xtravagance, lifestyle of immature Man

Yield total person & possessions to God's pleasure
youth engage in holy war, not in temporary leisure.

Zealous to die for truth, virtue, Laws of God
zest of life is to love God & live for God.