Why Commemorate the Massacre?

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Merciful.
O Allah! Send your blessings to the head of your Messengers and the Last of your Prophets Muhammad (S.A.W.), and his pure and cleansed progeny.


The commemoration of Imam Hussain's (A.S.) martyrdom has been observed by the followers of Ahlul Bayt (members of the House of the Prophet (S.A.W.)) for centuries; yet many Muslims resent it, thinking that it increases the division of the Muslims. To my understanding this argument is unfounded for the following reasons:


Thus honoring their memories and informing people about them would be in accord with the advice of the Messenger (S.A.W.), and would provide the Muslims with what they need of Guidance.

The History of this great Martyr is a school for the seekers of the truth. Every Muslim can learn a great deal from the supreme sacrifice and the courage of the Imam. The Muslims are still living under similar conditions now as before. Corruption is still prevalent in our society, and tyrants, like Yazeed, are no rarity in Muslims and non-Muslim countries, but we don't have men like Imam Hussain. Fortunately, this commemoration is providing the Muslim World with some of his excellent students.


Imam Hussain - Leader of Martyrs
The Late Muhammad Jawad Chirri