From the cradle, to the grave The sorrow of Husayn is brave In our hearts and in our soul Wherever; from pole to pole

O lovers of Husayn! The tradegy is alive and will remain As the time is approaching near For the grandson of Husayn to appear

Help us awaken from our sleep So we may stand by those who weep O spirit of Husayn! The infants are in pain

Help us stand on our feet So we may fight enemies we meet And reveal to them what Islam is In the same was our Imam's did

Islam is the religion of God Given to us from our Lord So we may fight like Husayn And save Islam again

Islam the true religion has to be understoodbr> For we Muslims have yet misunderstood The lessons taught in Karbala By the grandson of the Prophet of Allah

The saviour of Islam Is our twelfth Imam For he is in the second Ghaybatayn And still he feels the Ummah's pain

And in his absence We have in our presence His chosen one - Imam Khamenei is the one

We need to help our Imam By following the chosen Imam And by doing what he says is right We'll defeat Islam's enemies with might

O Mahdi az-Zamaan! With your help we'll increase our Imaan! And await you in eagerness For you are our happiness