Revelation, Muhammad, And The Ninth Moon

Muhammad had been retreating to The Hijaz for years. Some of his “kith and kin” had not so secretly harbored fears That the “once outstanding youth” had gotten rich and gone mad.

In public, their put on faces were sad, But within their closed door circle of hypocrisy they were so glad That this “young upstart’s” star was finally losing some luster, That they made unkind jokes in their snobby, elitist cluster.

But, alone in the hills, away from phony foolishness and filibuster, Zephyrs whiff and strong winds bluster; And prophets angelically transcend upon the wind To a level of perception only prophets can fully comprehend.

Muhammad was a prophet. So he could sublimely ascend, And sit in on celestial gatherings most humans can not attend, lest we lend an ear To things we can not bear to hear. Impure souls would be burned While attempting to sojourn To such a height in order to learn What fallible souls can only yearn To discover through precious prophetic intercession.

At this particular prophetic transcendental supersession, On a certain afternoon of the ninth moon forty years After Allah, Glory To My Lord’s Highness, brought sores and tears Upon The Ethiopian Invaders and their elephant; Muhammad received the first divinely revealed message sent Since The Injeal of Jesus Son Of Mary.

Almost five hundred years had passed. Then, at long last, The Darkness was cleaved, and the Sun Shone once again To graciously relieve we humans from the pagan oppression Of not knowing The True Nature of The Infinite Unseen One Who Has No Father, Mother, Daughter, Or Son.

This final Prophetic Scroll was called The Quran. A guide to The Path Favors Are Upon.

Allah composed The Book on High, Himself. It is cherished and kept on The Highest Shelf. It was sent down by Allah through the Arch Angel Jabreel, To fulfill Allah’s Promise and The Prophethood”s Seal.

To challenge conjecture and misguided zeal, To act as a guidance, to instruct and to heal, And to warn the contemptible self worshiping liars About the consequential tortures of hell’s blazing fires.

While communing with nature, as only a prophet could, Muhammad, as history tells us, was foraging for fire wood When, there, looming Large upon yonder horizon stood A gigantic figure of a man.

It was no man. The Arch Angel Jabreel, celestial and grand, Had descended and took this form to issue The Divine Command. Even the brave prophet Who was wise to The Ways of The Spirit Was awed by the breath taking sight, And The Light surrounding it.

It was a mountainous being made of pure light. And whether Muhammad moved his head left or right He could plainly see This lofty thing of celestial beauty.

“Iqra” The Command boomed Forth Some say iqra says “read,” Some say it means “recite.” The sublimity of this one word is forever lost To we poor souls of dim wit and sight Who are unworthy to touch the hem Of The Prophet’s famous cloak.

Furthermore, if we could see The absurdity of attempting to invoke

A fantasy of the propensities of the celestial Jabreel, We’d choke upon the word “Iqra.” It was fatally staggering What Prophet Muhammad saw.

A point of clarification raised by The Prophet Brought the command home again.

Iqra. Even the translation “to proclaim” Does not begin To take aim and then transcend to what really dawned That day upon man and jinn.

Muhammad, who managed to stay focused through This supernatural event akin To Moses and The Burning Bush, and Jesus conversing with Prophets Elijah and Moses, sought clarification one more time. In the most sublime, profound, and perfect Meter and Rhyme The Glorious Arch Angel spoke. Those first few verses did invoke Primordial memories and profound musings By it’s Divine style, wisdom and wit.

I do not own to talent to relate it. The reader would have to hear it. And untrained eyes Moving across a printed page, cannot hear. And trained eyes who hold the knowledge They possess to be invaluably dear, Will testify that human voice and angel voice Are most times worlds apart. It takes a child of normal wit about one minute To recite this first revelation by heart Without any traumatic consequence.

But The Prophet experienced an empathic communication With a celestial being who was personified Divine Illumination. And because of the super celestial magnification Of the messenger and the messages Divine Content If the whole of it fell all at once the earth would have been rent.

As it was, what The Prophet heard and saw originally, Allegedly caused him to experience pious quaking for days.

What a gift when a single ray from this super illuminated lamp Seeps into our pitiful souls still blinded by the haze Of seduction of Worldliness Dressed up like a maiden bride; Elitist egocentric mania; Arrogance, false pride. From that day for over 25 years, these revelations flowed forth Through Muhammad onto the humanity like a tide.

That was over 1400 years ago! At that time Muhammad was unknown. But The Truth turns enemies to friends And makes a “foreign” cause your own. And with with natural help from God, He conquered every foe. That which was strange Fourteen hundred years ago, Are now known Nearly everywhere one planet earth. And only a bigoted fool could not see What God’s words have been worth To the moral evolution of humanity.

But there are still foes to show The Benefit behind The Truth of Muhammad’s Mission Which is turning each human soul towards total submission Exclusively to The Lord of The Dawn So we can be free from Satanic Slavery And walk The Straight Path God’s Favors are upon Together in dignity, humility, and bravery.

There will those who will hear and accept. And some will close their minds and reject.

Regardless. What happened that day was real And every year you can expect Over a billion folks to fast from sun up to sun down to commemorate When, the earth was in darkness in need of The Light, So Allah sent from heaven A most awesome sight; An angel with a little book That a holy man humbly took And ate it up.

And it was in his mouth sweet, And with it, foul superstition This man did defeat.