Imam Husayn (as)

Many, Many years ago, On the bloody field of Karbala, A noble here faced his foe, As champion of God's Faith and Law

Overhead, a scorching sun, There were no shady trees Beneath a burning sandy plain With no refreshing breeze

A scion of Hashim's noble line The hero of your creed and mine His heroism will forever shine The son of Ali, God's lion

His comrades few, but loyal and brave Some' young, and some advanced in age The record of whose actions gave History its brightest page

Of worldly comforts they had none no couch, nor rosy bed To comfort their afflicted hearts The Holy Word of God they read

Three days every distress the bore Deprived of all drink and food

The world does still wonder At their unmatched fortitude

They fell around him one by one Firm in their righteous ways And for their loyalty have won From friend and foe a world of praise

His friend with loving grief be eyed As he lay dying under sun's scorching rays To defend true Islam he tried After dealing with foes in peaceful ways

In his arm he carried his baby son Asked them to give him water Said he, "The babe has no harm done To thus die of thirst or slaughter."

Stones they threw and arrows they shot Being obedient to yazid's behest And in their fury spared not Even the baby's life at the breasy!!!

A little before his enemies were For water sorely passed Relief he gave them then and there For he could not see even a foe distressed

Humbley he prayed and praised the lord The Giver of spiritual Beauty And amid danger he never failed To do his sacred duty

Wickedness can no further go Cruelty needs to no greater proof His scared body after death Was trampled under a horse's hoof

Mean 'vistory' they gained, but still No bounds knew their ire. Orphans and widows they captives made And set Ahlul-Bayt's tents on fire

The captives saw with choking grief And eyes dimmed with tears O the tragic sight of Martyrs heads Uplifted high atop the spears