Ever since man has inhabited the earth, he has had the wish to lead a social life filled with happines in its true sense and has striven towards this end. If such a wish were not to have an objective existence it would never have been imprinted upon man's inner nature, in the same way that if there were no food there would have been no hunger Therefore, by reason of inner necessity and determination, the future will see a day when human society will be replete with justice and when all will live in peace and tranquility, when human-beings will be fully possessed of virtue and perfection.

The establishment of such a condition will occur through human hands but with Divine succor. And the leader of such a society, who will be the saviour of mankind is none other than MAHDI.

Now let us see what will be the situation during the time of reappearence of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) and what would be his Government.

The answer to this can be found in the Holy Quran where in Sura Noor Ayat No.

55 it says.

"Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as He made rulers those before them, and that He will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange; they shall serve Me, not associating aught with Me."

With regard to this verse Abu Baseer quotes Imam Sadeq (A.S.) as saying that this verse has been revealed about the Qaem and his companions.

The conclusion which can be derived from the above verse is that

Firstly : Universal IslamicGovernment will beEstablished:

From the clear-cut promises of the Holy Quran and authentic traditions of Masoomeen (A.S.) it is well known that at the time of reaperance of Hujjat of Allah all the Governments of the world will collapse, there will not remain any regime on earth and the whole world will be changed to one country, one people, one Governent, one slogan, one flag and one constitution. And that Government is the right of Hazrat Baqiyattullah with the Flag of"with the slogan of Establishing a Unversal Islamic Government is one of the characteristics of Qiyam of Mahdi (A.S.) Imam Baqer (A.S.) said :

"When the Qaem will do Qiyam, the false Governments will be destroyed."

In another tradition he says,

"His Government will spread to East and West.

Again Imam Baqer (A.S.) in interpreting this verse has said :

"Those who should We establish them in the land, will keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate and enjoin good and forbid evil; and Allah's is the end of affairs."

"This verse refers to the Government of Mahdi.

Allah will make him and his followers dominant on the earth from East to West and they will mainifest the religion of Allah and through him and his followers he will destroy the innovations just as ignorant people had destroyed the truth until there is no sign of oppression left.

They will invite the people towards piety and forbid them from the evils and to Allah belongs the end of affairs."

Secondly : Islam will become The Universal religion:

Amongst the various aims, the main aim of the Government of Hazrat Baqiyatullah is to put an end to atheism and polythesim and uplift the school of Tauheed.

The Holy Quran has promised that a day will come when the holy rules of Islam will prevail over all the religions and will be the only religion left.

"He it is who sent His Propet with the guidance and the true religion that He may make it overcome the religions, all of them." (Sura Saff; Ayat 9)

In this verse which has been exactly repeated in three different chapters (Sura Tauba, 33, Sura Fath, 28 and Sura Saff, 9), the aim of Prophets appointment ie.

victory of the true religion over all the false religion of the world has been introduced.

With regard to this verse Ali (A.S.) has said : "Has this verse been fulfilled ? No never, In fact there should remain no house on the earth except that house from which the cry of "There is no God but Allah"

Imam Sadeq (A.S.) too interpreting this verse says:

"This verse will not be fulfilled till the Qaem rises.

When the Qaem will rise no disbelievers in Allah and polytheist in Imamat of Imam will remain on the earth ... ... ... If a disbeliever enters inside the stomach of a stone, that stone will cry out 'O believers, inside me there is a disbeliever, break me so that you can kill him.'

Thus we see that the promise of Allah that the true religion of Islam will previal over all the religions will be fulfilled in the near future by the hands of Hazrat Vali-Asr (A.S.).

Again the 6th Imam while interpreting the above verse said :

'O Muffazal ! By Allah all the religions will be destroyed, there will no longer remain any difference in opinions and views and Islam will prevail as Allah Taala said :

(AL-Mohajjah Page 227)

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) too has said :

"There will remain no part of the Earth where the Islamic slogan will not be heard."

(Ref. : Muntakhab-ul-Athar, 293/3).

Thirdly : Another important aim of the Government of Hazrat Baqiyatallah (A.S.) will be to put an end to injustice and oppression and to spread social justice in every corner of the world.:

From the view-point of Quran one of the aims of sending the prophets is the setting up of social justice amongst the human-being.

'Certainly We sent Our apostles with clear signs and proofs and sent down with them the Book and the balance that men may conduct themselves with justice."

(Sura Hadeed; Ayat 25)

This verse speaks about the aim of sending the Prophets and the Book and the balance as establishing justice on the earth. But has Justice been established over the earth till today ? The Holy Prophet and the Infallible Imams in hundreds of traditions have declared the day of its fulfillment on the day of advent of Hazrat Baqiyatullah (A.S.).

In one traditions with regard to the advent of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) has been said by one of Masoomeen (A.S.) :

"He will clean the Earth from every oppression and injustice.
" (Ref. : "Kamaluddin Pg. 336)

At that time when the world will be full of Justice many after-effects will be manifested such as

(A) Equal Distribution of wealth

The injestices prevalent in our times is not due to deficiency in wealth but due to its unjust distribution.

However during the time of Hazrat Baqiyatullah wealth will be equally distributed as explained by Masoom (A.S.)

"When Our Qaem of Ahle Bait will reappear, he will distribute wealth equally and will establish Justice amongst the people."

(B) Free From want :

Under the auspices Universal Government of Hazrat Baqiyatullah (A.S.) every one will be free from want and no one will be found on this earth who will accept charity and Zakat from a person.

"A day will come when one will carry gold (coins) to give in charity in the way of Allah (but) no one will be found to accept it.

Ref. Sahih Bukhari Vol 2 Pg. 136.
(C) Universal Security :

During the glorious days of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S.) the right of every owner will be given to him; everyone will enjoy from the unlimited bounties of Allah; there will remain no reason for jealousy, grudge and hatred and finally peace and tranquility will engulf the whole world.

Imam (A.S.) Says :

"Hatred will be wiped off from the hearts of all creatures, the wild and ferocious animals will live inpeace together with other quadruped animals together in harmony; a woman with a tray on her head will travel alone from Iraq to Syria; every place will be refreshing and greeny and no animal will give trouble to her and she will not fear and panic."

"O Allah if death comes in between Him (Imam Mahdi) and me, which you made compulsary) then took me out from the grave, while Kafan will be there on my body, sword will be there on my hand, and I will say Labeek on his call"

Sentence from: "Dua-e- Ahad"