Janabe Fatema Zahra (as)

This Great Lady was the only daughter of the Holy Prophet (saww) and Hazrat Khadijah. She was born in Makkah on Friday, 20th Jamdi-ul-Akhar in the 5th year after the declaration of Prophethood (615 AD).

She was married to the great personality, the 1st Imam, Imam Ali (as). The marriage ceremony took place on Friday, 1st Zilhajj 2 AH.

As a daughter, she loved her parents very much. As a wife, she was very devoted. As a mother, she cared for and brought up wonderful children that they have left marks on the face of the world.

On Fasting She Said:

Imam Sadiq (as) says on the authority of his forefathers that J. Zahra (as) had said that: "The man who is observing a fast would not gain anything, when his tongue, ears, and limbs are not safe from sin."

House hold affairs:

In the whole world, there was only one house that was free from impurities and that house was of Imam Ali (as) and J. Zahra (as). She being the leader of all the women of the world, she was the torch bearer of the ideals and character of woman hood.

J Zahra (as) never used to take household duties as a chore for a woman. In the performance of domestic duties, she had faced many obstacles and hardships.

The Infallible daughter of the Holy Prophet (saww) was conscious of her responsibilities and aware that a wife could shape the direction of her husband's activities. Her thinking was that the home is the place of refuge. A place of peace for a man, when he comes back tired from his struggles and dealings with the outside world. A place to re-strengthen his energy and also to gain in him fresh confidence and determination, so that he could be able to tackle his duties.

Imam Musa Al Kadhim (as) says: "The crusade of a woman is to have concern and regard for the husband."