In one of Paris suburbs, I met a group of educated youth, in a house of a borther with whom I had ties of kinship and boyhood, at an invitation for having a child after a protracted period of waiting, where we confered about the Shi'ah and Sunnah. Most of those present (in the house), who were from the Algerians having enthusiasms for the Islamic Revolution, were crtiticizing the Shi'ah, reiterating those widely-known legends. They differed mong themselves, and divided into two groups, one being supporters (for Shi'ah) and equitable, saying: The Shi'ah are brethen in religion. While the other one being opponent imparting upon the Shi'ah all qualities of deviation, prefering the Christians over them.
Going deep into debate and reasoning, some of them mocked me claiming that I was among the self-concieted ones, dazzled by the Iranian Revolution. Thereat friend of mine tried to convince me them of my being a reputed researcher, flattering me before all those present there, telling them that I have authored many books about the subjects.
One of them said that he had the indisputable hujjah (proof), whereat an atmosphere of silence prevailed. I asked him to bring in that hujjah, whereat he asked my permission to wait for a while. He rushed to his adjacent house, returning with a book in his hands called: "Al-Shi'ah wa al-Tashih" by Dr. Musa al-Musawi. On seeing the book, I laughed and said: Is this the indisputable argument you talked about? He returned his fact to those present saying: "This man (al-Musawi) is one among the greatest Shi'ah scholars (ulama), and of their maraji' (high relegious authority), holding a certificate in jihad, and his father and grandfather are greatest Shi'ah 'ulama'. He recognized the truth and discarded tashayyu', converting to

( 319 )

be among Ahl al-Sunnah. I am sure that if my brother (meaning me) reads this book, he will never the Shi'ah, and will be aquainted with their hidden facts.
I laughed again and said to him: To assure you that I have read read it with deliberation, I shall furnish you, before the attedents, an indisputable proof from the very book you brought.
He and the attendents said with a pant: We are listening to what you say.
I said: Utterrances of Shi'ah Imams about al-Khulafa' Rashidun.
He asked: So what?
I said : Find it and read before the attendents, then I shall introduce the proof.
He produced the paragraph and read, which can be summed up in that: al-'Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (A) used to boast of being related to Abu Bakr by saying: "I was born by Abu Bakr twice". Those who have reported this narration, report also that al-Imam al-Sadiq, on the other hand, used to revile Abu Bakr.
Dr. Musawi comments on this by saying: "Is it logical that al-'Imam al-Sadiq boasts of his grandfather, and reviles him at another him at another time? Such behaviour is never expected from an Imam, but from an ignorant plebeian man.
All of them have questioned: What is the proof here? They said: It is a reasonable and logical utterance.
I said: Dr.Musawi concludes from al-'Imam al-Sadiq's mentioned phrase that he is boasting of his grandfather, while nothing indicating praise of flattery for Abu Bakr is contained in this phrase. As though al-Sadiq (A) is not a direct grandson for Abu Bakr, but since his mother is the grand-daughter of Abu Bakr, despite the fact that al-Sadiq (A) was born seventy years after Abu Bakr's death, without sighting him at all.

( 320 )

They said: We did not get the point from this all?!
I said: What do you think of that who boasts of his paternal grandfather claiming his being the most knowleageable man of his time, with no match throughout history, and that he equired knowledge under him, reviling him at the same time?!
They all said: It is absolutely unreasonable.
I said (to him) Read then what the first page of that book contains, you will recognize that Dr. Musawi is that very man.
He read: "I was born and brought up in the house of the great leadership of the Shi'ite sect, and I acquired knowledge under tutorship of the greatest religious chiefe and leader, ever known in Shi'ism history, since the major Occultation up to date, who is our grandfather al-'Imam al-Sayyid Abu al-Hasan al-Musawi, in regard of whom it was said: "He outsripped thosw who came before him and tried thosw who succeed him".
I said: Praise be to Allah Who has made truth be revealed by al-Musawi himself and judged himself by himself, when he siad: Is it reasonable to boast of one's grandfather and revile him at the same time? He judged that it can't be done but only by the ignorant plebeian. One who describes his grandfather with all these lofty traits, that can't be owned by other grand 'ulama', claiming his being a desciple for him, charging him then with disbelief and doubting his belief, cannot be out an ignorant plebeian.
All the attendents lowered their heads and kept silent, while my friend, the house-owner, rejoiced and said: Haven't I told you the Brother al-Tijani is an objective and logical researcher?
Then the one carrying the book thought (how to argue) and said: O my brother, Dr. Musawi may have recognized truth after becoming old and required knolwledge.

( 321 )

Glorified be Allah, seeking knowledge is from cradle up to grave!
I replied: If what you say were true, so it was inevitable for al-Musawi to proclaim freedom from obligation of his grandfather, and his tutor too who granted him certificate of ijtihad, not to boast of them and argue by their testimony, charging them unknowingly with impiety.
Should I intend to discuss before you all the topics he wrote, I would show you amazing wonders.
The meeting concluded after introducing explanations and clarifications about the reality of those dubieties, which achieved fruitful and positive results, as three of them, after readig my books, have been guided to truth.
I avail myself of this opportunity to introduce some of the pages I have hastily written about this subject, since the book al-Shi'ah wa al-Tashih has an impact within the locations where the Wahabis exist. Due to the fact that these people own fortunes and influence in some areas, so they may affect some Muslims youth unaware of the Shi'ah, decieving them with this book, preventing them from getting access to the useful researches, creating a barrier before them as as not to attain to the aspired truth.
The argument (hujjah) used by these opposers being the book of al-Shi'ah wa al-Tashih, by Dr. Musawi, that was printed in millions of versions and distributed free among the educated youth, by authorities whose goals and gets targets are known by close and far people.
Such wretched persons opined that they managed in refuting the school of Imamiyyah Shi'ah, through printing and publishing this book, sicne his author being "Ayutuallah'' al-Musawi who was Shi'i, for establishing the proof, making it to be as if not of its followers has given testimony.
These people have forgetten several facts, without accounting for them, or estimated their reverse consequencies, that entailed misfortune misfortune for them.

( 322 )

I am not going to waste much time for refuting the lies by Dr. Musa al-Musawi in his book. I think that a convincing refutation against his falsifications can be found in my book al-Musawi's book. My books's content being only exposition of the Shia'ah 's belief, all relying upon the holy Qur'an and true prophetic Sunnah, and unanimity (ijma) of Muslims included Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jam'ah, as we have cited evidences for confirming all their (Shi'ah's) belief from the Sihah of Ahl al-Sunnah themselves.
Thus the speech uttered by Dr. Musa al-Musawi proved to be only nonsense and slander, not established on any scientific evidences or Islamic logic, and being a vilification against Ahl al-Sunnah not the Shi'ah. It has been demonstated also that who publicized for his book are ignorant of all Islam's realities, revealing thus their short-sigtedness and ignorance.
Moreover, all the points related to the Shi'ah's beliefs which were criticized and vilified by the claiment of "al-Tashih", are -thanks to God-found in the sihah of Ahl al-Sunnah.
Several examples can be cited, which we are not innovated by the Shi'ah but are found and recorded in the sihah of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'ah, such as:
-- believing in Imamate and nass (text) confirming twelve caliphs all being from Quraysh;
-- believing in al-Mahdi (12 Imam) and his being from the Pure 'Itrah, and that he shall fill the earth with justice and equity after being filled with oppression and injustice;
-- believing that al-'Imam 'Ali ibn Abi Talib is the wasi (executor) of the Messenger of Allah;
-- believing in taqiyyah (dissimulation), which has been also revealed in the Qur'an and confirmed by the Prophetic Sunnah;
-- believing in mut'ah (temporary marraige), and its

( 323 )

being halal as ordained by Allah and His Messenger, but only prohibited by 'Umar.
-- obligation of khums (one-fifth) out of earnigs of interests, as fixed by God's Book and His Messenger's Sunnah;
--believing in bada', and that Allah effaces what He will, and establihes (what he will);
-- believing in performing two prayers together without exigency, and its being revealed in Qur'an and practised by the Messenger;
-- believing in the obligation of prostration (sujud) on soil and earth, and its being exercised by the Prophet himself.
Also the practise of performing pilgrimage to the shrines of the Imams is not only followed by the Shi'ah, but Ahl al-Sunnah too visit the shrines of Awliya' (God's friends) and the righteous, beside holding seasonable ceremonies and festivals for them.
All the beliefs other than these, whcih are mentioned by Dr. Musawi, intendig nothing but overstating and tumult, like the publicity of Tahrif al-Qur'an which is ascribed more to Ahl al-Sunnah, as we explained in the book Ma'a al-Sadiqin.
In brief, there is an evident contradiction between the book of al-Tashih of al-Musawi and the Book of Allah, the Messenger's Sunnah, unanimity of Muslims and what establihed by sound reason.
Many of the points disapproved by al-Musawi, are among the necessities of religion revealed in the holy Qur'an, and commanded by the great Messenger, and unanimously accepted by all Muslims. Anyone denying them is verily a disbliever as unanimously agreed by Muslems. If by "Tashih" he means altering those beliefs and rules, so he has returned to be an infidel and gone out of the fold Islam, and all Muslims should resist him.
If what is meant by him is altering his personal beliefs, of whose components he is suffuring, and which show

( 324 )

that he has recognized nothig about the Shi'ah, or he may have harboured malice against them as he has deemed them responsible for slaving his father, who was slaughtered like a ran (as he says on page 5 of his book) as the hand of a culprit disguised under the garment of a religious man.
Thus he was brought up harbouring this malice against the Shi'ah with no sin perpetrated by them, turning hi face toward Ahl al-Sunnah haring them with the grudge and destestation for the follower of Ahl al-Bayt, without veing related to them. So he was left unsteady belonging neither to these (Shi'ah) nor to those (Ahl al-Sunnah), knowing nothing of the Shi'ah but the lies reiterated by their opponents and of the Sunnis but only the congregational and Friday prayer (if attending them). If this is meant by Tashih, so he is asked to correct his corrupt beliefs, with which he has contradicted the unanimity of the Ummah.
If Dr. Musa al-Musawi has grown up, as he claims, and acquired knowledge under the gratest religious authority and leader ever known throughout hitoty of Shi'ism from the greater Occupation up to date: his granfather al-Sayyid Abu alHassan al-Musawi, so why hasn't he learned his lessons and be educated with his manners, or followed his guide? But he has in fact decided his his grandfather's beliefs, proving to be disobedient to his parents, or rather charging his grandfather and parents with impiety. If the Shia'ah be deemed as disbelievers by al-Musawi, so their chief and big leader, his grandgather is nearer --far be it from him-- to infidelity (kufr).
It is unparalleled shame, that the gransin Musa ignores what is written by his grandfather Abu al-Hassan al-Muasawi (may God's mercy be upon him), in his book wasilat al-najat, while alleging of acquiring knowdge and being educated under him.
What a big shame, that a Tunisian youth, living thousands of kilometers far from Najaf, be acquainted with the book Wasilat al-najat,and be guided through it to the realities

( 325 )

about Ahl al-Bayt, while it being unknown by his (Abu al-Hassan's) grandson who has been brought up and grown up inside his house and under his tutorship.
Whatever written by al-Imam al-Sayyid Abu al-Hassan al-Musawi, decided by him and considered a renegade of Islam. According to logic, if th creed of the grand Imam and rligious leader who had no parallel in Shi'ah history (as believed by his grandson) be a sahih and sound one, then the belief of his grandson is but blasphemy and deviation.
While if the grandson's creed (aqidah) being the correct and sound one, and that of his grandfather being blasphemy and deviation, so he has then to disvow him and never be proud of belonging to him or referring to his rearing, as mentioned in the outset of his book.
Through this hujjah (proof) and logic, the high degree attained by Musa al-Musawi from Al-Kashif al-Ghita' should be also discarded.
First Since the copy he produced in his book to be a high certificate in Islamic fiqh ( ijtihad), is no more than a school-certificate in narration, given by the maraji' to most of the knowledge-seekers, of which I hold two: one from Grand Ayatullah al-'Imam alKhu'i at Najaf, and another from Grand Ayatullah al-Mar'ashi al-Najafi at Qum. The permission for narration is not a high degree in Islamic fiqh, as claimed by Dr. Musawi for deceiveing common people, who are unaware of the stage of study in the Theological Schools (al-Hawzat al-'Imamiyyah).
Second: Since the great leader's grandson, who claims correction. has breached the trust, entrusted to him by his tutor, claimed by al-Musawi to have granted him the degree of ijtihad. The late high religious authority, and leader of al-Hawzah al-'Ilmiyyah in Najaf, Shayhk Muhammad Husayn al Kashif al-Ghita', says in that school-certificate, a copy of

( 326 )

which was produced by al-Musawi in his book: ''I have permitted him, due to his competence, to report from me the sahih narrations I related from my great Sahykhs and honourable instructor....'' We observed hiw al-Musawi has refuted and decided whatever reported by Al Kashif al-Ghita' from his great Shaykhs, in his book Aslal-Shi'ah wa usuluha, in which he recorded all the Shi'ah's beliefs and rulings. How can the book al-Shi'ah wa al-tashih written by the betraying disciple, be compared to the book Asl al-Shi'ah wa usuluha written by the high marji' Kashif al-Ghita'?
If Kashif alGhita' being the highest religious authority and head of al-Hawzah al-'Ilmiyyah in Najaf, as admitted by al-Musawi on page 158 of his book, and if al-Musawi boasts of getting the high degree from him before thirty years, so what makes the disciple mock his geat tutor who taught him, and granted him a high degree a he alleges?
And if Kahif al-Ghita' being right and his beliefs being corrupt.
Should the beliefs of the high religious authority being incorrect, derided and refuted by al-Musawi, he is required not to lie and cheat people with the claim that he got his high degree in Islamic fiqh (ijtihad) from him. And if al-Muawi's beliefs are sahih as claimed by him in his book, then this means his charging with impiety his grandfather alSayyid Abu al-Hasan, whom he deems to be the greatest religious chief and leader ever known throughout history of Shi'ism, from the greater Occultation up to date. He has also charged with impiety his tutor, who has granted him the high degree, Kashif al-Ghita', beside millions of the Shi'ah since their origination after the Saqifah till nowadays.
As I made a covenant with my Lord, to investgate everything before judging it, so I went through the book al-Shi'ah wa altashih attentively, hoping to attain what I missed. But I found nothing except lies and contradictions, and

( 327 )

denial for what is established in the Qur'an beside deriding theProphet's Sunnah and contradicting the Muslims' unanimity. I realized also that al-Musawi has never bothered himself to go through Sahih al-Bukhari alone, which is the most authentic reference near Ahl al-Sunnah, whom al-Musawi wanted the Shi'ah to join and abandin Allah's and His Messenger's commandments.
Had he bothered himself to read Sahih al-Bukhari, the authentic book for Ahl al-Sunnah, he would have never been involed in this dilemma, from which he has no outlet but through sincere repentance and returning to Allah, penitently. Otherwise he won't gain any benefit from the high degrees, attractive titles, or the sums of money being spent for sowing seeds of discord among Muslims. Allah the Exalted said: ''Lo! those who disbelieve apend their wealth in order that they may debar (men) from the way of Allah. They will spend it, then it will become an anguish for them, then they will be conquered. And those who disbelieve will be gathered unto hell. That Allah may separate the wicked from the good. The wicked will He place piece upon piece, and help them all thgether, and consign them into hell. Such verily are losers''. (8:36,37)
Anyhow, his book is replete with contradictions entailing mess for every researcher. If al-Musawi claims his being able to correct the creed (madhhab) of the Shi'ah in their beliefs and rules, I challenge him to a televised debate and a scientific seminar, to be attended by researchers and experts, in other that people realize who should be corrected. This method is emphasized by the Holy Qur'an, and atained also through free-thinking in the most advanced societies, so that Muslims can recognize the facts, and never charge unknowingly and folk with impiety, and becoming thereafter from among the repentants.
"Say: Bring your proof (of what ye state) if ye are truthful".(2:111)
Only one point is left, that we, for being equitable to

( 328 )

Dr. Musawi, should refer to, which he mentioned in his book under three main headings:
1. Smitting the head with the sword on 'Ashura' Day.
2. The third witness (Al wali Allah).
3. Terrorism.
We tell him that regarding the matter of smitting the heads, and using chains (on 'Ashura'), it is neither among the Shi'ah's beliefs, nor it has anything to with the religion. It is only practised by the plebeians, and not exclusively by the Shi'ah, but also by some of Ahl al Sunnah from the well-known 'Isawiyyah community all over North Africa, who practise other acts, or the misfortume of Ahl al-Bayt (A).
We agree with al-Musawi in his correction, and call with him for eradicating such phenomena away of all Muslims, as long as faitheful Shi'ah 'ulama are there who prohibit all these practices, striving to nullify them, as confessed by al-Musawi himself.
Concerning the third withness (I withness that 'Ali ias the friend [wali] of Allah), it is quitely known by al-Musawi that all the Shi'ah 'ulama' emphasize its not being a part of adhan (call for prayer), and rather if it is read with the intention of its being obligatory, or a part of the adhan or iqamah, both the adhan and and iqamah shall be invalid. This truth is quitely known by al-Musawi, but he intend to create diturbance, through any means serving his suspious goal.
In regard of terroris, it is absolutely rejected from our side, as rejected by al-Musawi, who is asked not to attach such a disgraceful charge to the Shi'ah. Because the surging wave of terrorism that is widely known during the last years, is but an inevitable consequence for the current struggle between East and West, Morth and South, tyrants ans the oppressed, and usurpers and the usurped.
Why should al-Musawi relate the practices of hasheesh-smokers to the Shi'ah? It is testified by history that

( 329 )

the Shi'ah have been targetted, through histoty, by all sects, governments and colonialists. Nevertheless, they persisted in rejecting and refusing terrorism, with all its forms and kinds.
Why shouldn't al-Musawi talk about Mu'awiyah's terrorism, and the assassinations he perpetrated against Mulims, till assassinating al'-Imam Hasan through poison. He used to assassinate his opponents among the truthful believers by pousonion them, saying then: Allah owns troops of honey.
We ask al-Musawi: Are the Islamic Movements all over the world, that are characterized with terrorism, in Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria and Afghanistan, and other western states, like Bask, Korass and Ireland and other countries, are all of them belonging to the Shi'ah?
If that what is meant by al-Musawi from the word terrorism (irhab), is kidnapping some persons as hostages, and diverting the destination of the airplanes and blasting them, we tell them that the combatants among the Palestinin people, who have been exiled by Israel from their hometowns, are responsible for abducting the hostages in Munchen Stadium during the Olympic Games for the year 11972, with killing some of the Israel participants, diverting and exploding some airplanes. The purpose of all these practice is verily awakening the world conscience, and ecquainting all the world with their issue, and the historical wrong done to them, the like of which was never witnessed or known by the entire humanity.
It is testified by al-Musawi, that all those do not belong to the Shi'ah, and if he is impressed by the foreign news agencies, due to the political standpoints and excessive animosity against the Islamic revolution, we tell him that all these media put Libya, syria and Iraq on the top list of countries supporting the international terrorism, which are all definitely not among the Shi'ah.

( 330 )

Why the Shi'ah are exclusively characterized with terrorism by Dr. Musawi in his book al-Shi'ah wa al-Tashih, while in page 122 himself says: The iranian Shi'ite State can never and will never be able to speak on behalf of all the Shi'ah, or even in the name of the Shi'ah in Iran? If it be so, he should correct his concepts and thoughts.
Thus we have treated Dr. Musawi with equity, and demonstrated the truth from falsehood and the varacious (point) from the corrupt. We have also proved for the readers that all creeds of the Imamiyyah Shi'ah being correct and sound, as it is a product of the holy Qur'an and Prophetic Sunnah.
We have affirmed too, that all the false charges and fabricated rumours, released by the partial and troublesome, the enemies of Allah and His Messenger and Islam, with the purpose of vilifying and defaming the beliefs of those committed to the Pure (Prophet's) Kindered, shall be definitely brougt to naught and shall pass away as scum, as is expressed by the Almighty Allah:"Then, as for the foam, it passeth away as scum upon the bans, while, as for that which is of use to mankind, it remainth in the earth. Thus Allah cointh the similitudes"(13:17)
We implore Him- the Glorified and Exalted- to guide us all toward whatever He loves and is pleased with, inspire us with our reasons, revile us of His wrath, drive away our misfortune through the holy presence of the Awaited al-Mahdi (A), hastening his reappereance, they behold it afar off while We behold it nigh.
Our last prayer is all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the world, and the best of His benediction and peace be upon the one sent as a blessing for all the worlds, our doyen and master Muhammad and his good and pure Household.

Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi