The Attraction and Repulsion of Ali (a.s.)

Mortaza Motahhari

Translated by
S.M. Ayub Bukhari



In Allah's Name

Law Of Attraction And Repulsion:

Attraction And Repulsion In The Human World

Difference In Men Qua Attraction And Repulsion:

Men Who Have Attraction But Not Repulsion:

Men Who Have Repulsion But Not Attraction

Ali, A Personality With Two Faculties

The Forceful Attractions

Shi'ite Faith. School Of Love And Affection

The Alchemy Of Love

Breaking The Barrier

Constructive Or Destructive

Love And Devotion With Saints

The Potential Of Love In Society

The Best Means For Self-Edification

Instances From The History Of Islam

Another Instance:

Love Of Ali In The Quran And Sunnah

Abodes Of Piety And Purity

The Secrets Of Ali's Attraction

Ali's Antagonisation

The Deviators, The Renegades And The Rebels:

Emergence Of The Kharijites

Bases Of Kharijites Doctrine

Kharijite's Doctrine Of Caliphate

Their Belief About The Caliphs

Elimination Of Kharijites

Ritual Or Spirit ?

Democracy Of Ali

Kharijite's Insurgency And Revolt

Characteristics Of Kharijites

The Diplomacy Of Raising The Quran Atop The Launces:

The Necessity Of Fight Against Hypocrisy

Ali The Rightful Imam And Leader